The owl has no horns, but Zimbabwe should tread carefully...

Max Gomera writes in big Saturday Read: " If the prospect of Zimbabwe sliding into further authoritarian rule frightens you, then it is worth spending time trying to understand how it might be avoided. A Kenyan colleague recently remarked how much she feels a part of the extraordinary developments in Zimbabwe. She is not alone. Following the seizure of power by the Military, there is a general sense of achievement, euphoria and renewed hope amongst Zimbabwe. However our prevailing vision of democratic transition - and the politics intended to deliver it - are not to be taken for granted. The road ahead is still littered with landmines and fog. At the core of the uncertainty over Zimbabwe's future is the manner in which the transition has come about and is unfolding. The Generals have staged what looks like a coup de tat, although they are claiming that they have not seized political power. They have placed President Mugabe under house arrest and, with that, driven the country into unfamiliar territory. While many are happy to see Mr. Mugabe go, the transition has placed uncomfortable questions on our commitment to democratic practice. ...".

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